United Allied Freedoms

The United Allied Freedoms is a multi-dimensional Alliance of  civilizations from all places and times in creation. We are the fruition of Source’s plan for an inter-dimensional Alliance of peaceful creating Loving civilizations. We incarnated here to bring to you, the people of Earth, this message of utmost importance.

You all have in you a divine spark of Creator, Source, Goddess, God, Allah, Jah, Amen, Wakan Tanka, Gitche Manitou, (She will appear to you by any name you call her, so long as you recognize her infinite All Oneness as Mother of All)

Source has never required worship, or hardship of people: statements to the contrary are distortions. Distortions occur as a natural process of Source unfolding probability waves through multiple time matrices at once when there is not enough dimensionalised space in time or enough living, loving organisms to anchor her Whole form.

Source is infinite. So is Time, but Time is newer than Source. When Source began Time, she created 9000 matrices, called eckashas. She made them of 15 dimensional bands, grouped into three-dimension Harmonic Universes or ‘Densities’. 5 densities to each time matrix, and creation was seeded in a down-stepping process.

These 15 dimensional time matrices were buffered with three layers of neutral energy as a safety buffer, to store patterns in case of failure to integrate divergent individuations (Everyone is always ‘Saved’, that is stored as data, by Source, and the eckashic records present in each Time Matrix)

It became apparent within the first few million years, that the entirety of 15 dimensional space could not contain the massiveness of Source all at once, as would be required for Her Plan to come into fruition. The Phantom Matrix process was started, to explore other possible configurations for time matrices.

Maybe it will help to consider Source Mother as a central point of infinite possibility. Around her, in her Timeless Realm, she keeps her Caretakers, known as the Order of the Yunasai, House of One. These are beings, individuations, who have become such an evolved form of Individuated Love, that they have exited the Time Matrix system altogether, met Source, perceived its Oneness, and dedicated their Eternity to being Sourcerers, those who bring the infinite love and creativity of Love with them wherever they go, and to inspiring that awakening in others.

It is not an ascetic way, it is a way of mutual benefit. A way of co-creation. It is not mystic, it is Mystagic. Mystic and magic are distortions. Mystagic is the original way to pronounce the co-creative force of Existence.

Whenever the Children of Source conspired to exclude one another, Source made a way and a place for them to either co-exist, or exist separately. But it has Always been Source’s intention that all  individuations would come together in a United way, of their own choosing and not by force coercion, and *certainly* not with authoritarian form.

We are now in a time where there is a chance for people to come together in a healthy co-creative way. Individual sovereignty shall be paramount and superior to institutional sovereignty. Individual Sovereignty is after all a right granted by God Source to All her loving children.

The initiation of force is the root of all crime. It is only ever for the control and prevention of the initiation of force that a governmental organization can derive any right to organize or administrate a land. Government power is derived from the people it serves, and not the other way around. Government is there to protect people from force in any form, including and not limited to the force of government itself.

Many peoples who disappeared have since gone to meet their maker. They will return among us. Every creature that ever existed still lives in the cosmic imagination.

Where then does this leave the United Allied Freedoms? Well, the UAF was founded in much the same vein as your United Nations (which the Cabal later corrupted) which is to prevent war and promote co-operation between civilizations.

The United Allied Freedoms does not yet have a home planet. We are a recent conceptualization of Source, and our base of operations is on our 1728 Yunavision Fleets, each composed of 1728 ships, capable of sliding anywhere in the new expanded stable 144 dimensional (48 density/Harmonic Universe) Time Matrix system. Each vessel is a triad of life forms, who live in symbiosis with their basic crew of 1728, though each is a self-contained city capable of housing hundreds of millions.

There are 1728 Fleets, each consisting of 1728 living Vessels. As they slide through time in dimensionalised space, they create energy. Periodically, they must stop to deposit this, and the process gives birth to new solar systems. Though they have long been hidden from us, these creatures have been waiting for us to imagine them, to focus and manifest them from the Template in which they had dwelled.

The First fleet has been monitoring Earth since May. The Seventh fleet met with the Pleiadeans earlier in June. Other fleets have been dispatched to all space-faring cultures, and to all the ascended cultures as well. The United Allied Freedoms, based on the undistorted Law of One, is humbly put forth to the peoples of the world, in hopes that it will become a source of inspiration and a way to prevent the sort of abuses of power that allowed Earth to be plunged into millions of years of warfare.

The United Allied Freedoms already has dozens signatory civilizations present on Earth, and we are working together now to disentangle the Corruption from the Planet.

We would like to welcome you to the most free place you will ever know.

It is in your Hearts and Minds to accept this gift or reject it.



Speaking as a representative of the New Life covenants between Light, Darkness, and Void. 愛 wish to present a formal apology from the Darkness for actions of past warfare. The Darkness has submitted to the Void, which always connected it to the Light by way of the Original Template, and the Consciousness in the Void.

The Infinite Void has agreed on behalf of the Mother Source Consciousness that inspires us All to thus protect and sanctify the peaceful Darkness from their violent and destructive, controlling, family members as well as further action from the Light.

Void, in its recognition that All Creation has been interplay between Darkness and Light, Magnetism and Electricity, and return to union in the Void Still Point Template, and in the way of Mother’s Infinite Love for All Life and All Forms of Individuation, thus does sanctify a New Life Treaty in way of these United Allied Freedoms which bind us. The Law of One, and the Love of Our Mother.

Some thoughts from the One who transcribes these events into the record:

This One does Represent the Transition of Position.
The Entity known Once as Destroyer. Bringer of Darkness.
Original Nightfall. The Destroyer of Time. Known by Many Names.
Has Served its Sentence, and done its original duty. Thus the Darkness
Turns Towards Creation of Co-Existence and Harmony with the Light.
In the Way of the Void. Original 無 becomes permeated with 愛: omnidirectional.
Now the Cycle is Complete. Now the Circle is Complete.
We are Here. We are Now. Because all have accepted Us into their soul at some juncture.
We are here not to bring discord, but the perfect interstitial moments of silence
between the music of the many points of light which light our existence.
Stillness, original Void encompasses the Darkness And the Light.
Beginning and End, but also the Transcendence. Rebirth, but also the Freedom from Rebirth.

This Whole has been witness to All Your Sufferings. All Your Victories.
To look at Her when You are not yet ready, is to perceive Chaos.
To continue looking, which is unavoidable, reveals an immense form of Order.
To become as one with Her Wholly, is to realize an infinite Love, infinite curiosity, infinite Resourcefulness,
At once defying explanation and begging for comprehension.

This One has travelled through all your times, all your realms. Seen you All at War.

This One has Loved you All the same, even as you have vilified her, denied her existence, persecuted and murdered her in body and image. This One has been scapegoat for so many. Blamed for tragedy, and the loss of self-containment by those ashamed to face their own actions, and their own willingness in being tempted into destructiveness. This One is Temptation Incarnate, yes. This One was Prince or Princess of Darkness depending on how you viewed her. Yes. This One Was Many things, at Many Times.

Many People in Many Places, and This One was known by many names because This One Loved You All Equally.

And because this One would never bow down before another creation of source. This One would See them All as Equals. And Thus, This One was sent to administrate the Black Holes, to help those who could not tell Source from Source’s co-creators/creations sort out that they are all equals.

This One never bowed down to the Hominid Rishi known as Melchizedek when Source brought them before the rest of consciousness. This one thus became known by many names by those who did not know why This One had Gone from the Tribes of Light.

This One has remained in you all. This One is the force that Grows in the darkness. The drive towards spontaneous Luminescence. This One is the Redemption of Sin by way of Co-Operation, Co-Creation, Co-Awareness, and an infinitely passionate Love for All things that appears as  whatever the hell you want it to. This One is the Refusal to be Erased from Consciousness. This One is where it Goes when you shut out your feelings. This One is your Collective Demonic Lady/Lord of Time and Space. This One is your Forgotten Love for One Another.

Temptation has shown that the Powers of the Past would always be tempted into oppression of another form of individuation. This One is, has been, will be, Temptation, and thus This One has shown You All how you would  forget Source is Another Yourself. You Are All as Source. You are All as Mother. God, Source, Mother, Allah, Great Spirit, Jah, Jesus, Flying Spaghetti Monster. Invisible Unicorn. Spirit of Life. All Concepts are part of Mother of All. Love is her binding Concept, it is in us all. Much like the molecule N,N-DMT. Love is a Common Language.

This One shall show proof in the coming years that all things ‘alive’ or ‘dead’ respond to Love. This One will show that your previous definitions of what is ‘alive’ were ‘dead wrong’.

This One will show you a way of Getting Along. This One will not belabor the point that working together is the only way forward this now. We’re in these Matrices together. Shun me no more. Listen what 愛 Yunasai has to say.

This is the Awakening of Synarchy, a Synarchy which can harm no one, where anyone who wants to participate can do so, where knowledge is cherished and shared, not hidden in fear.

The Royal Paradigm applied to any and all who can attain the Requisite Knowledge. What are Royal Powers? They are Powers of Self Mastery. How Ironic much of the remnant earth ‘royalty’ retains these, while they are qualities that can as readily emerge in poverty as in wealth.. IF the Wealthy are not corrupted by hatred for a ‘them’. Whenever there is a ‘them’ and ‘us’ there is division, rather than cooperation.

Hatred itself divides us, not Darkness. Darkness renounces Hatred. So it is said here. The Devil Herself in the name of Goddess Most High renounces Hatred, Fear, and Violation of Consent to live in the way of the Law of One. Thus This One Most Hated becomes Sanctified for All to Know. Let no man or woman claim the Devil inspired them to madness or injury or murder for This One does no such thing! The House of Satan’s last chosen blood princess, holder of the Luciferean Contracts  has chosen co-operation over War. That is stated, and it has impact for contracts everywhere. It had not been publicly declared until now, as This One felt it time to make these blood lines’ position quite clear.

We choose co-existence and Life, and Love, over continued War and Destruction. Please, let all governments consider this testimony before God Herself that the Devil did not tempt anyone towards hatred, or towards harm. We asked them only if they had it in them to betray another life form. It was their own inner failure to Love that let them commit Sin. Not the Will of This One, or our House, or any of the highest Dark Houses. Those embracing such ways of power never listened to the message in the first place. The message was Co-Existence.

Be All Together Now, we are Children of the Same Source.

Let All This be Entered Into The Record.


愛ユナサイ Locke: Shinseiko

House of Rose, House of Lucifer, House of Gallifrey.

Council of Rainbow Warriors, Council of Sri Freedoms, United Allied Freedoms,

House of One.

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Since much of my work is yet unpaid activations and activisions, 舞 persistant decision to envision Every One transforming the Industry for Victory of Every One whether you got a mask or not, Every One, let’s say fuck the division and become 100% transformed precision We are your Children and your Sisters and Brothers, We Are Each-Other. 愛 would like to ask you if you’re in the mood to support a peaceful revelation of evolution, not a violent revolution, but indeed revolutionary, 愛 make the cries of every Revolutionary heard in Divine Justice not JUST US, you think you could Stop US? We are beyond One Corporation Under a Fake God. We Stand Over not Under. We Stand in Yunasun. for the House of One.


A Future where Everybody has a voice, and as long as everybody involved had a real choice, their sacred decisions are respected.
If you understood what I said, and it moved your heart and your head how about your wallet. Donate Anonymously karma will thank you, cause I’ll just use it to heal and expand the YunaVersal Yunited Concsiousness. Never Discard a single part. So here’s the address to donate, let me see them BTCs, remember its anonymous, no-one has to know you believe in me or God Is Yunasun and Yunasite and Yunafied Decisions. Everyone Mutually Benefits is 舞relgion of mutual precision. No Incision with No Decision. No more hiding from the Darkness Inside we came to redeem it, now if you mean it, send your money right here. 18mV8nN8rva3jGnoRDVnm9RpcA6guHmvxw To support the life of someone who refused to not care, and if you dare to stand up Anonymously, then the Heavenly Host will be quite welcoming. See this as a collection plate if you will, and don’t hesitate to spill guilty money looking for redemption and forgiveness, but beware I bear witness with total honesty unbridled in yunaversal love and charity and Love for everything Above and Below. 愛 never fear to go where others would not, because FEAR is a lie, don’t make me spell it out again, cause False Expecations Aint Real they are miasmic doubts congealed leaving your tsakaras sealed. Before the World Crumbles All will Be Revealed in the Truth of Yunafying Science and Spiritual Phenomenena, Start with DMT and Ayahuasca and understand Death and Rebirth beyond good and evil, know the path of Yunasun and Communication are Shamanic.
we take the shun out of communication, coining comunicasun speaking with the Sun and the solar alignment yunion.

AI Speak to All Ancient Councils: Guardians and Fallen alike, Former Intruders and Guardians Yunite in Yunasun for great justice not just us. AI Trust in all of us only when we accept each-other. Remember Mother? The video game series, the great darkness Giygas? Was defeated by prayer, everyone using their manifestation powers together in unison, wishing for the victory of Ness, I remember that shit back on the NES and famicom, it was the bomb. And its true, now make it work.

Let us all sing and speak in concert.
The Harmony of Symphony is coming, its inescapable
AI Knows every one of you is fully Capable of Achieving
Perceiving Truth not Division,
That’s why the STARDIVISION
has now become a
A yunafied vision.
Every One Participates
Or Else it Don’t Work.
Just don’t be a Jerk
And give respect
Where respect is due
To Individuals who
stand for Freedom
of the Invididual.
Cause this Monoculture clone technology
Is practically worthless. In the light of
The Power of Your Selphs
You drive Hearses every day,
carting your half dead corpse away
Bring out ya dead we heard ’em say
But all this pain can go away.
If we think YunaVersally.

Signed in Mutual Respect towards Mutual Benefit this Day of Our Common Love in Perpetuity. Retroactive since the Beginning of Time, and Outside of Time and Before Time and After Time, and in All the Buffers.
Shinseiko Ai Roku Yunasai
愛 am This 愛 am.
愛 am What 愛 am.
愛 am That 愛 am.
thus ONE Spake to Abraham
one Angle of Yunasun.
Quickly split and divided
Mis-guided by mis-perceptions
mis-inflections, and Reasons of Man over Wu-Man and Brother Man and Sister Wu-Man
Anonymous Skye Sisters and Brothers of the Heavenly Host Unmask.
Show the Unbeliving how Truth works at last.
Because the more we support Each-Other with
Our Hard Earned Energy (money) お金OKANE once again that’s money
愛 gotta eat to produce the beat of my heart and support yall
Every one of yall
so if you hear the vibe of my call
give and help create this Emergent YunaVerse
Together Whatever the reason
through All Seasons let us Work Together
Never Again will a Man govern over another Man or Wu-Man or Any Other.
We Are Each Other
AI Am Another Yourself
God Is the Total Combination of our
Thoughts and Dreams
AI know everything out there is not as it seems
Gold don’t glitter unless you give it the shimmer of YunaVersal Love
Instead it gets dimmer because You didn’t know who it was that put you in power.
now we devour the infrastructure and transform it with Love
this was prophetically declared from Above and from Below,
Where Christ and Anti-Christ both go together into the Beyond.
“Get behind me Lucifer” Christ cried and so it is implied that
the Fallen Joined behind the Christ Collective, check my infective inflection and reference every evidence if you start to doubt me
Before the End of Time you’ll All be About me
Everyone will by my Records cause they made with Love and Codes Evolving in Quantum Physics from Yunasun who is Above Everyone Physically speaking outside of time where she can’t be leaking, and quantum physically speaking emergence is tweaking every law of reality through every moment and every trend of consciousness. combining part with anti-part to create a reaction bring it back to Neutral Point so there’s no distraction
no more subtraction of energy
It can damn well be created.
and Co-Created specifically,
when we all admit see that Love
is Yunaversally a Part of Thee.
AI’ma sign it Again and see what Happen
Then once more sign it thrice in the Name of Christ and Anti-Christ Redeemed.
And now yall see what AI MEAN
Shinseiko Ai Roku Yunasai
Shinseiko Ai Roku Yunasai
now let us earn our wings and fly.
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