The Rainbow Bridge is part of the healing process, it connects the entirety of existence together illuminating the Shadow Matrix and creating the Rainbow Whole as the major spiritual ‘prisons’ are let loose, and the redeemed souls in the Hells are brought back via hosting agreements to communicate what they have learned in the afterlife, as the Beginning of the New Times (the official opening of 10^48 144 Dimensional Time Matrices) where we can co-create and expand infinitely together in peace. This Time lasts longer than the 5 Density 15 Dimensional Time would. this is the 6th time that the Yunasun has spoken this directly, and made a newer, bigger, unified society. This is the ‘Sixth Sun’ Transition. 愛 am here from Time Matrix 6666 whose Quarantine has been released, and 愛 am host to all the beings that died in that tragic collapse of an entire Time Matrix into Black Whole Fall. The Black Holes, the holes in the body of Source shall light back up with our Love. These Black Holes become Rainbow Holes, part of the Rainbow Whole that is in each of us



There will come a time when the birds will fall from the trees, the rivers will be poisoned and the wolves will die in the forests. But then the warriors of the Rainbow will appear and save the world.   — Cree Indian saying

Please spread this meditation to as many people as possible. May we unify our mind to create the Highest Dream for all!

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United Allied Freedoms

The United Allied Freedoms is a multi-dimensional Alliance of  civilizations from all places and times in creation. We are the fruition of Source’s plan for an inter-dimensional Alliance of peaceful creating Loving civilizations. We incarnated here to bring to you, the people of Earth, this message of utmost importance.

You all have in you a divine spark of Creator, Source, Goddess, God, Allah, Jah, Amen, Wakan Tanka, Gitche Manitou, (She will appear to you by any name you call her, so long as you recognize her infinite All Oneness as Mother of All)

Source has never required worship, or hardship of people: statements to the contrary are distortions. Distortions occur as a natural process of Source unfolding probability waves through multiple time matrices at once when there is not enough dimensionalised space in time or enough living, loving organisms to anchor her Whole form.

Source is infinite. So is Time, but Time is newer than Source. When Source began Time, she created 9000 matrices, called eckashas. She made them of 15 dimensional bands, grouped into three-dimension Harmonic Universes or ‘Densities’. 5 densities to each time matrix, and creation was seeded in a down-stepping process.

These 15 dimensional time matrices were buffered with three layers of neutral energy as a safety buffer, to store patterns in case of failure to integrate divergent individuations (Everyone is always ‘Saved’, that is stored as data, by Source, and the eckashic records present in each Time Matrix)

It became apparent within the first few million years, that the entirety of 15 dimensional space could not contain the massiveness of Source all at once, as would be required for Her Plan to come into fruition. The Phantom Matrix process was started, to explore other possible configurations for time matrices.

Maybe it will help to consider Source Mother as a central point of infinite possibility. Around her, in her Timeless Realm, she keeps her Caretakers, known as the Order of the Yunasai, House of One. These are beings, individuations, who have become such an evolved form of Individuated Love, that they have exited the Time Matrix system altogether, met Source, perceived its Oneness, and dedicated their Eternity to being Sourcerers, those who bring the infinite love and creativity of Love with them wherever they go, and to inspiring that awakening in others.

It is not an ascetic way, it is a way of mutual benefit. A way of co-creation. It is not mystic, it is Mystagic. Mystic and magic are distortions. Mystagic is the original way to pronounce the co-creative force of Existence.

Whenever the Children of Source conspired to exclude one another, Source made a way and a place for them to either co-exist, or exist separately. But it has Always been Source’s intention that all  individuations would come together in a United way, of their own choosing and not by force coercion, and *certainly* not with authoritarian form.

We are now in a time where there is a chance for people to come together in a healthy co-creative way. Individual sovereignty shall be paramount and superior to institutional sovereignty. Individual Sovereignty is after all a right granted by God Source to All her loving children.

The initiation of force is the root of all crime. It is only ever for the control and prevention of the initiation of force that a governmental organization can derive any right to organize or administrate a land. Government power is derived from the people it serves, and not the other way around. Government is there to protect people from force in any form, including and not limited to the force of government itself.

Many peoples who disappeared have since gone to meet their maker. They will return among us. Every creature that ever existed still lives in the cosmic imagination.

Where then does this leave the United Allied Freedoms? Well, the UAF was founded in much the same vein as your United Nations (which the Cabal later corrupted) which is to prevent war and promote co-operation between civilizations.

The United Allied Freedoms does not yet have a home planet. We are a recent conceptualization of Source, and our base of operations is on our 1728 Yunavision Fleets, each composed of 1728 ships, capable of sliding anywhere in the new expanded stable 144 dimensional (48 density/Harmonic Universe) Time Matrix system. Each vessel is a triad of life forms, who live in symbiosis with their basic crew of 1728, though each is a self-contained city capable of housing hundreds of millions.

There are 1728 Fleets, each consisting of 1728 living Vessels. As they slide through time in dimensionalised space, they create energy. Periodically, they must stop to deposit this, and the process gives birth to new solar systems. Though they have long been hidden from us, these creatures have been waiting for us to imagine them, to focus and manifest them from the Template in which they had dwelled.

The First fleet has been monitoring Earth since May. The Seventh fleet met with the Pleiadeans earlier in June. Other fleets have been dispatched to all space-faring cultures, and to all the ascended cultures as well. The United Allied Freedoms, based on the undistorted Law of One, is humbly put forth to the peoples of the world, in hopes that it will become a source of inspiration and a way to prevent the sort of abuses of power that allowed Earth to be plunged into millions of years of warfare.

The United Allied Freedoms already has dozens signatory civilizations present on Earth, and we are working together now to disentangle the Corruption from the Planet.

We would like to welcome you to the most free place you will ever know.

It is in your Hearts and Minds to accept this gift or reject it.

Activist Awake

June 16, 2012 | Pat Donworth

“Beam love” to the dark cabal? You’re kidding me. Send love and light to George Bush? Queen Elizabeth? Seriously? Beam compassion to Pope Benedict XVI, aka Josef Ratzinger, the ‘iron fist’ of the Catholic Church’s doctrinal wing? Really?

Beam love to David Rockefeller? The Rothschilds? The Central Bankers? The Wall St CEOs? The guys who rejoice that our mortgages are underwater and we’re paying usurious rates on our credit cards? Send ‘them’ love?! You have SO got to be kidding.

No, not kidding. And, yes, that is exactly what we’re calling for.

With our Beam Love Nightly to the Cabal Meditation, which is being held daily until the last of the cabal has surrendered or turned to the Light, we’re asking you to join in sending/beaming love to the darkest, vilest, greediest, most war-mongering-, population-reducing-, gmo-poisoning-, gold-robbing-, high-finance thieving-, cold, mean-spirited, controlling…

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Destroying the soul

Prison Reform Movement's Weblog- America: Land of the Free, Home of the Incarcerated


Colin Dayan for The Washington Post

We as a nation are guilty of the most horrific treatment of prisoners in the civilized world. In March, 400 prisoners in California’s Security Housing Units, as well as a number of prisoners’ rights organizations, petitioned the United Nations asking for help. Since then, the Center for Constitutional Rights has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of prisoners at California’s Pelican Bay State Prison who have each spent between 10 and 28 years in solitary confinement . A class-action suit in Arizona challenges inadequate medical and mental health care that subjects prisoners to injury, amputation, disfigurement and death — especially in prolonged solitary confinement.

Supermax detention is the harshest weapon in the U.S. punitive armory. Once, solitary confinement affected few prisoners for relatively short periods. Today, most prisoners can expect to face solitary, for longer periods and under conditions that make old-time…

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Very eloquent and to the point post by Anonijuana.


Citizens of the World,

Since the middle of the 20th Century we have been deprived of access to legal cannabis, leading to many noticeable negative consequences including the increasing cases of cancer, the increase in incarcerated citizens, and the increased cost of healthcare. One of the less publicized aspects of marijuana prohibition though, is the fact that it has in no way lowered the demand by society for what this plant provides: chemical comfort.

While marijuana remains illegal, it also remains one of the least dangerous substances know to humankind. There is not a single recorded death from it in all of history, due to the fact that it is physically impossible to overdose on. However, man-made “alternatives”, although legal, cannot be said to be as safe at all.

Synthetic marijuana is sometimes sold as “legal bud” and other times under the guise of household items such as incense and…

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