Activist Awake

June 16, 2012 | Pat Donworth

“Beam love” to the dark cabal? You’re kidding me. Send love and light to George Bush? Queen Elizabeth? Seriously? Beam compassion to Pope Benedict XVI, aka Josef Ratzinger, the ‘iron fist’ of the Catholic Church’s doctrinal wing? Really?

Beam love to David Rockefeller? The Rothschilds? The Central Bankers? The Wall St CEOs? The guys who rejoice that our mortgages are underwater and we’re paying usurious rates on our credit cards? Send ‘them’ love?! You have SO got to be kidding.

No, not kidding. And, yes, that is exactly what we’re calling for.

With our Beam Love Nightly to the Cabal Meditation, which is being held daily until the last of the cabal has surrendered or turned to the Light, we’re asking you to join in sending/beaming love to the darkest, vilest, greediest, most war-mongering-, population-reducing-, gmo-poisoning-, gold-robbing-, high-finance thieving-, cold, mean-spirited, controlling…

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